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Graphic design for print and the web
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Painting large in fresco and acrylic
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About Krista

I work with scientists, organizations and educators to make science accessible, creating images that communicate and engage. Find me on cliff edges, in museum vaults, classrooms and jungles… Science illustrator since 2008!

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Snow, N. (2020). A revision of New Caledonian Gossia N. Snow & Guymer (Myrtaceae). Adansonia, 42(7), 131-177.

(Figures 8 – 9 by K. Anandakuttan)


Zika, P. F., Wilson, B. L., Brainerd, R. E., Otting, N., Darington, S., Knaus, B. J., & Nelson, J. K. (2018). A review of Sedum section Gormania (Crassulaceae) in western North America. Phytotaxa, 368(1), 1-61. 


Zika, P. F., Janeway. L.P. and Wilson, B.L. (2014). Carex xerophila (Cyperaceae), a new sedge from the chaparral of northern California. Madroño, 61: 299–307.


Snow, N. (2011). Studies of Malagasy Eugenia (Myrtaceae) — II: Four New Species, Including One Eaten by Black Lemurs on Nosy Be. Systematic Botany, 36(3), 677–689. DOI:10.1600/036364411X583646 


Anotrichium secundum, microscopic marine algae (Bishop Museum, HI)

Chinook Salmon, A Journey

California Archaeology Month Poster

Cretaceous Life of the Moreno Shale Region

California’s Coastal Prairie

Hawaiian Coral Reef, mural

Empire Cave Invertebrates interpretive panel

Fern Life Cycle

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Instructional materials, SRJC Community Ed programs, SSU Extended & International Ed programs

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California Department of Fish and Wildlife, education and outreach materials