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Botanical pen and ink figures for an article on botanical taxonomy:

Snow, N. (2020). A revision of New Caledonian Gossia N. Snow & Guymer (Myrtaceae). Adansonia, 42(7), 131-177. 

Figure 8. Typical leaf morphology for most subspecies of Gossia clusioides (Brongn. & Gris) N. Snow: A, G. c. subsp. bleuensis N. Snow., subsp. nov., with narrowly elliptic, bullate blades; B, G. c. subsp. maoyana N. Snow, subsp. nov., blades relatively narrow and bullate but longer than those of subsp. bleuensis; C, D, G. c. subsp. callmanderiana N. Snow, subsp. nov., blades elliptic and flat; E, G. c. subsp. rembaiensis N. Snow, subsp. nov.; F, G. c. subsp. clusioides; G, G. c. subsp. subsp. taomensis N. Snow, subsp. nov.; H, G. c. subsp. tiebaghiensis N. Snow, subsp. nov. Vouchers: A, McPherson 4001 (BISH); B, Dawson 16603 (WELTU)); C, Jaffré 1275 (BISH); D, Virot 1537 (BISH); E, McPherson 5083 (BISH); F, MacKee 25608 (NOU); G, Veillon 4828 (NOU); H, McPherson 3323 (NOU). Scale bar: 2 cm.

Illustration and formatting for publication by K Anandakuttan