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Vessel Elements_lowresVessel Elements

Mineral pigments, India ink, and beeswax on dry plaster and burlap

4ft x 2ft

Recent work: a microscopic view painted large on a fresco panel.

Many may recognize that this painting is based on microscope slides. The cross-section of a dicot stem, stained with Safranin O/ Alcian Blue, reveals the intricate cellular arrangement of xylem and phloem, forming vascular bundles.

I am showing this soon at:

Pence Gallery and UC Davis Art/Science Fusion Juried Exhibition

The Consilience of Art & Science 2014

Exhibition Dates: Jan 10– Feb 28, 2014 @ Pence Gallery, 212 D Street, Davis, CA 95616 ; exhibit artwork is for sale.
The goals of the exhibition are to show creative work that explores the intersection between art and science; to foster communication between the arts and sciences; and to spark new ways of viewing the world and ourselves. 


I’d like to post some photos of this piece in progress (it’s always fun to wonder if I should have stopped work sooner).

More on the way! There are other microscopic images dancing, large!, around my head.