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sketchbook_zinnias_KristaAnandakuttanSkipper moth,  Common checkered skipper, California hairstreak butterfly, Cabbage white; Zinnias, Lavendar

Watercolor, colored pencil and graphite

The pollinators are right, I have been walking past these intense colors for too long. My brightest colored pencils and watercolors were required and still fell short, and I admit to burnishing to achieve color saturation. I sketched a view of the Hairstreak from below (below) with its amazing “false head” (that’s a real term! a special form of crypsis in which part of an organism mimics another part) which might trick predators, and make us smile in the meantime…


sketchbook_hairstreak butterflyKAnandakuttanA footnote:

my fresco painting  “Small Moon” is featured in Saatchi’s online gallery

(or see it here in an earlier post: Waning moon

……… I renamed it Small Moon because a much larger one followed)