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LibraryCase_1I placed my sketchbooks, found objects, drawing materials and trail maps under glass for a few months at the beautiful Doyle Library at Santa Rosa Junior College. I call the display “My Process,” since someone who looks closely can find both rough field sketches and the finished science illustrations they appear in. A map of California’s State Parks lies beside a sketch of shadows on the sand at Natural Bridges State Park, beside an illustration of “Cretaceous California” with the same shadows. Also included: my favorite messy watercolor field kit, and Cretaceous fossils which I used to create the illustration.LibraryCase_2I teach pen and ink at the Junior College, so I included my pen and bottle of ink beside a few of my ink illustrations. The same pen appears in a “trompe l’oiel” painting just to the left (shown above). This was too much fun- Thanks to the Doyle Library for inviting me!