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Velella velella by KAnandakuttanVelella velella washed up on Wrights Beach, south of Jenner, CA. July 30, 2014

All the others in sight were flyaway, transparent and dry; this one still wet and brilliantly blue. I ignored a beautiful beach scene just long enough to sketch a portrait. These relatives of jellies drift with the wind. 

And what could be more fun than low tide? Again, eyes on my page (gulls cry and waves crash, children play)…

Low tide Bodega Head by KAnandakuttanLow tide at Bodega Head, July 2, 2014 by KAnandakuttan

The jewel-tones of wet seaweed! Several red algae, rhizomous surf grass (like whales, returned to the sea from land), bits of ostrich plume hydroid, corraline alga, a piece of the crumbling cliffs and specks of sand.